Do you used technology?

de josephlopez07

12 comentarios el “Do you used technology?

  1. Yes I do because is necessary so my life.
    From very small, I used to technology because, I used to video games, on tv, radio.
    Today I use the phone, the PC and many more technological devices.
    These modern marvels make life easier and more gratifying in many ways.

  2. Yes, I do. The alarm in mobil phone , the microwave, these are only two of the millions of examples of technology I will encounter today in my life. I place technology , well, three basic categories: Informative, which helps us obtain and use information, Communicative, which includes language, signs, and the like, and that help us communicate with each other, and Useful, such as electricity and running water. These are the things that make our lives easier and help us get through the day to day.

  3. Of course, I have a computer, a smartphone. When I drive, I use the japanese technology and in my house when I cook using the horno or the refrigerator.

  4. yes, I do because the technology is needed to keep us informed of world events and technology also help me with my work and my study

  5. Yes, I do.I use it all the time, as for example at this moment! For talk with my family at all times by mobile phone, or via the internet, because they live in a town. Also use it to make the work of the university, talk to my friends etc.
    I think we always the persons have contact with the technology, perhaps because we are in the technological era.

  6. Yes, i do. I am using tecnology all time, from i get up for go to bed. i’ve been using tecnology in my work, in my house o in the university. In my personal opinion the tecnology is very importnat for to know what happens in the world second by second, with more important when you are a journalist.


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