In your oppinion… What are advantages and disadvantages of using technology in the classroom?


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  1. In my opinion there are some advantages and disadvantages of using technology in the classroom.

    The advantages are:

    – Portability.

    – The wide range of information available at our fingertips. Technology has completely changed mankind.

    – Development of skills and capabilities through the use of personal computers, video projectors, online platforms, the Web, among others.

    – Technology in the classroom streamlines teaching and learning because the students engage in activities that are developed. For this reason it’s said that the use of computers is one of the most important developments.

    – Technology provides support for teachers.

    The disadvantages is:

    – Lack of students concentration, when the technology used isn’t related to the class.

    I think that Technology has many advantages when it’s used for the development of the class, but also, it has a disadvantage when it isn’t used in this, because it distracts us and impede us learning.
    For that reason I believe that there is only one disadvantage.

  2. Advantages:

    The technology can allow a great development of the class, because we can find information for class activities, also play videos, listen to recordings and so on. If we give good use of this technology can help us learn in a more dynamic and easy.


    The technology in the classroom can be a distraction for students, that decentralizes its attention to social networks and others. Also the technology does not allow students interact and relate with their peers, making it not can realize a group learning process.

  3. In my opinion are many the advantages and disadvantages that gives the technology:
    The first advantages is that the technology has been to used so the development of mankind.
    The second is it that is of easy access in the school, university and many places.
    The third is that the use of technology allows professors a diversify their lectures, display more information, and enhance student learning, there are many different learning materials available in the web.
    The disadvantages are that students can easily distracted, and use the technology for different activities.

  4. I think that some of the advantages and disadvantages of the technology are the following.

    – The facility to search of information on internet
    -Have many applications with different uses
    – Is a help or instrument for the students in the development of the class


    i think that the disadvantages is in the bad use that is given, to the technology. Beacuse the young are addicted to it, and lose the time of the class in chat with the friends.

    But in contrast to the disadvantages, i think that are more the advantages that have the technology, because is an instrument very important and useful for all class of people, is portable and with many applications that serve as help to the persons.

  5. In my opinion there are some advantages and disadvantages of using technology in the classroom.


    The advantage to use technology at the classroom is that you can use it to help you out with some assigment or some topic of the class and with the network you can use Technology in the classroom streamlines teaching and learning because the students engage in activities that are developed.
    Is also may it easy and faster to get information because you´ll have more recources, the support of visual´s help.
    technology helps to develop classes for students and teachers.


    The disadvantage of using technology in class is that if you use it without having anything to do with the topic that is being developed in the classroom is a distraction for the student.
    Another disadvantage is that sometimes is used to chat with peers but not always so, and that’s trouble for the teacher when we’re in class, you just have to use it in class when necessary.

  6. In my opinion I think the advantages concerning computer technology in the classroom outweigh the disadvantages. Computer technology is a positive supplement to bridge the gap between education and the technological world in which we live.
    Among other reasons we can enumerate the following:
    It is interesting and motivating.
    Using different kind texts, graphics. vidoes, pictures.
    Having online lessons, students can use authentic language.
    Using blogs, wikis to work with students.
    Promoting independent learning.
    Storing materials for future use.
    Students learn IT skills together with the language.
    Having fun and variation.

    There could appear technical problems.
    Mixed ability- some students are advanced and some are slow.
    Classroom management-teacher could find it difficult to draw students’ attention.
    Slow Internet connection.
    Not always appropriate materials for students.

  7. In my opinion Advantages and Disadvantages Some of using technology in the classroom are:


    – Obtain information in real time.
    – Any questions you have about a topic you look on the internet.
    – Facilitates the search of any information
    – Be updated


    -not paying attention to the teacher
    -talking with friends with the chat and not respond to the class
    -do things that are not part of the class
    -be aware of facebook

  8. in my opinion the advantages are as follows:
    * Translator can use cell phones
    * We can use the computer to perform tasks that can be found on the Web
    the disadvantages are:
    * Distracted us more than regulate
    * We can keep an eye on things for no reason other class

  9. The purpose of the technology for my is improve our lifes.

    For example: minimize costs in the companys in the case of automation, in the case of classroom, I think that, You can use the mobilephone as dictionary and send mails if is necesary, for example if the class has a blog.

    you have to use it the best form, I learnt that who lose is the student when this is not true.

  10. I think that using technology in the classroom has some advantages and disadvantages.
    I consider that some advantages are that we can find information very easy and quickly, the technology is good to the teachers in their classes because they can show different thing to their students and also these gadgets are good to doing the classes funner.
    But the technology has some disadvantages like: if we don´t use it to purposes academics, so the technology is converted in a distraction in the class

  11. in my opinion the advantages of using technology in the classroom how smarthphone is helping us to translate any word that not understand, in a short time. also the use of video, audio, and computers in the classroom helps us better understand and listen and improve our English speech.

    the only disadvantage I think is that on occasion use technology such as smart phones for other things that are not of the class and not do is distracted and not pay attention in class.

  12. In my personal opinion using tecnhology in teh classroom can be a “double edged sword”.
    The first reason is the use advantages of electronic devices to share information, about the topics in class or in-depth research on other topics soon.
    however, we also use technology to chat it becomes a big disadvantage as the concentration that should be paid to class topics focus on other issues.
    therefore, I think the effectiveness of electronic devices in classrooms, it lies in the good use that give students the same technology.

  13. In my opinion are many advantages and disadvantages of using the tecnology in the classroom. There are some of them, advantages: Accessibility to internet,easy searching of information about lessons, etc. and disadvantages: the students can lost attention, they may be distracted.

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